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First Choice Refinishing.. doing it right the First time!

  1. Old silicone will be removed as it cannot be sprayed over during our refinishing process.​

  2. Overflow cap will also be removed before our refinishing process.

  3. Soap scum residue can not be properly removed unless scraped off with a blade, we make sure not to skip this process as it can potentially peel the new finish in the future. 

  4. The fixture will need to be properly cleaned in order for the new finish to bond. We use a special product called "acid etch" which is applied with a pad and left to sit for a few minutes before being rinsed out with water. 

  5. Step two neutilizer is a necessary  chemical that must be used and is designed to stop the etch from working. Most companies will skip this process to avoid overhead costs. Failure to do use this product will decrease the life spam of the refinished fixture.

  6. The complete bathroom is now completly covered up in masking paper to prevent your fixtures from any overspray or dust damage. 

  7. Any chips or nicks in the bathtub will be body filled before the refinishing process.

  8. The drain is masked with masking tape to prevent it from being sprayed. 

  9. The bathtub will be wiped down with a special cloth called a "tack cloth" this cloth wipes away all the dust and dirt leaving you with a smooth and clean finish result.

  10. Now that the fixture is ready to be sprayed the exhaust system will be assembled. This system will duct all the overspray and smell out to the nearest door or window. Using this system will minimize the smelly odour by 90%. Keep in mind our product is non toxic and safe to use around people and pets.

  11. The technician is now ready to spray the recommended amount of primer. This primer dries fast and allows us to topcoat the unit in just a few minutes. 

  12. The topcoat is now applied over 3-4 passings using the recommended amount per unit. 

  13. The job is now complete. The client will be responsible for removing a few sheets of masking paper.

Refinishing process: Text
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