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Beyond Your Expectations

Through out our years in business we have experimented with multiple products in the market industry. Many products have failed within a few months, if not a year or two. Refinishing is suppose to last 5-10 years or even longer depending on how you maintain it. After experimenting with most of the products we came to the conclusion that the product of choice would be a non-toxic EP-Acrylic system manufactured by Integrity Coatings. 

EP-Acrylic is known to be the most durable product in the market today, distributed to over 250 Refinishing companies world wide its proven to us to be the most superior and long lasting finish. We have been in relationship with the manufacturer for over 10 years and continue to find their products the best for our company. Ep Acrylic delivers exceptional long lasting results which is important for our customers and our company to grow. 

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